Suggestions to follow during spinal correction.

  • Avoid rubbing, probing, or poking in the area your doctor adjusts.
  • Avoid sudden twists of movement beyond normal limits of motion, especially of the neck.
  • Avoid extreme bending of your spine in any direction; avoid stretching, reaching, or other overhead work. Be particularly careful when brushing or shampooing your hair.
  • When lifting, keep your back straight; bend your knees and let your legs bear the strain. Hold object lifted as close to your body as possible.
  • When bathing, sit rather than recline in the tub. Lying back against the tub may cause a vertabrae to slip out of its normal position. If you are tired and wish to relax, it's better to lie in bed.
  • Participate in simple exercise to strengthen your body, but avoid jarring activities which place stress on your neck and spine.
  • Watch your posture at all times; stand tall, sleep tall, and think tall!!!